Esther Lee, a Hong Kong-based freelance photographer who proactively develops her projects explores the mental illnesses in cities. Her psychology degree granted her a depth of insight in human's mind. She raised the issue of mental health care is one of the urgent needs in Hong Kong, there are lots of people suffer from depression, anxiety disorder and other mental health ailments in their life without supports. In her mind, photography has been a sufficient medium for her to craft out people’s expression in certain moment. By capturing the authentic emotions of peoples throughout her camera, she tries to voice out for the youth generation whom frequently suppressed by the unstable society matters in Hong Kong.

Press & Publication

Grzegórzko, Sylwia. “The omitted mental health issue in Hong Kong.” Croco Magazine. 25 Apr 2018. https://www.crocomag.com/single-post/2018/04/24/Esther-Lee


2017 Condensed Milk, University of Reading Degree Show, Reading
2017 Attack of the 50ft Womb-Man!, University of Reading
2016 U O.K. Hun?, University of Reading
2016 The Lotus and The Pussy, University of Reading
2016 The Good The Bad and The Lonely, University of Reading
2016 Something a Little Less Lonely, University of Reading


2013 – 2017 University of Reading, Bachelor of Art in Art and Psychology